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Cats love to play with rubber bands, milk rings, string, pins, needles and even dental floss, but these tiny “toys” can be dangerous for your pet. Be sure to keep them out of paw's reach.

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Rescue Hero Story About Gizmo


Name: Gizmo

Age: 4


Owner: Ricky Cole

Hometown: Pulaski, VA

My Rescue Story:

Gizmo was left behind by his mother an abandoned cat pregnant with kittens. He must have become to sick & weak to travel as she tried to find a safe place to keep her kittens. We found him in our back yard @ age 4 or 5 weeks-weighing 9 oz. He was dehydrated,had upper respitory and was almost dead. This was in August-the hotest part of the summer. He was lifeless we took him to the vet on a Sunday. He has been with us every since. Gizmo now has Epilepsy and will take medicine for the rest of his life. But we love him!

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