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Give your cat a nose-to-tail exam, making sure that its ears and teeth are clean and odorless, fur is free of parasites, skin is lump- and bump-free, and weight has remained stable.

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Rescue Hero Story About Gizmo


Name: Gizmo

Age: 4


Owner: Ricky Cole

Hometown: Pulaski, VA

My Rescue Story:

Gizmo was left behind by his mother an abandoned cat pregnant with kittens. He must have become to sick & weak to travel as she tried to find a safe place to keep her kittens. We found him in our back yard @ age 4 or 5 weeks-weighing 9 oz. He was dehydrated,had upper respitory and was almost dead. This was in August-the hotest part of the summer. He was lifeless we took him to the vet on a Sunday. He has been with us every since. Gizmo now has Epilepsy and will take medicine for the rest of his life. But we love him!

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