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Don't overfill your cat's litter box, as most cats prefer to dig through approximately two inches of material. Fine-grained litters, such as scoopable and clay varieties, also appear to hold kitty appeal.

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Rescue Hero Story About Colby


Name: Colby

Age: 2


Owner: Kenny and Jackie Gibson

Hometown: Fairborn, OH

My Rescue Story:

We found Colby at my grandparents farm on a hot summer day in August. I noticed right away that he was indoor kitty by his actions. My husband decided to catch him so we could get him to a shelter so he could be adopted out. Turns out the poor thing had been declawed front and rear and was already neutered. He never made it to the sheleter.. We feel in love with him right away! He's the sweetest kitty ever, I cannot image why someone would just set him out.. Although he does eat A LOT!!

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