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Cat Tips

If you find a stray but cannot keep it, try socializing it before finding it another home. Train it to use a litter box and to be petted and held, since socialized kitties stand a better chance of being adopted.

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Rescue Hero Story About Chilli and Gracie

Chilli and Gracie

Name: Chilli and Gracie

Age: 6


Owner: Kat Canto

Hometown: Redding, CA

My Rescue Story:

Chilli is 6 years old... and showed up, one day, as a stray kitten... he just never left! (and that's a good thing!) He is sooooo sweet and gentle with any little people or pets that come thru. Gracie was a 7 toed, half Siamese kitten, born under my daughters house... so we adopted her. (making it 5 rescued cats that we have... they come to us!) Chilli is the "nanny" to Gracie... they are so sweet together!

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