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Cats live healthier, safer and longer lives indoors. Keep your cat inside at all times, making sure to offer plenty of opportunities for exercise, play and mental stimulation.

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Rescue Hero Story About Mazy


Name: Mazy

Age: 0


Owner: Kat Canto

Hometown: Redding, CA

My Rescue Story:

We took poor Mazy in... after she had spent 3 months in a 2' by 2' cage, at the pound. She has been thru a lot... she is all scarred up, and has broken teeth. She was so crazy, for the next 2 months, hissing and growling at everything that moved... we were not sure we could work with her... she acted rabid! But she straightened out, after we took in a stray kitten... I don't know why... but she acted so different, then! Now, she is just a little tiny love. She is the smallest, full grown cat, that I have ever seen! She weighs about 6 lbs... but makes up for it, with a giant personality! We love her, much!

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