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Give your cat a nose-to-tail exam, making sure that its ears and teeth are clean and odorless, fur is free of parasites, skin is lump- and bump-free, and weight has remained stable.

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Rescue Hero Story About Nahla

Name: Nahla

Age: 2

Breed: Birman

Owner: Nancy Thompson

Hometown: Portland

My Rescue Story:

I was 10 weeks old, could hardly breathe because I was so stuffed up, and was a little pile of skin and bones when my mom brought me home from the shelter. She thought I had herpes because it took me months to get over my URI. But I didn't. I was just really sick. For two weeks I lived in the bathroom with a vaporizer. The people where I was born had dumped me out on the street, maybe because I was born without white feet. When the shelter people found me, my paws were all bloody from scratching myself because of the fleas and mites. Now I'm the "baby" and make Maya the Siamese crazy every day.

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