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What's better than adopting one cat? Adopting two! They will keep each other company, and two felines means double the love and affection for you.

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Rescue Hero Story About Hobey

Name: Hobey

Age: 6-8 mos.

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Owner: Vet Technician Adopted him

Hometown: Pleasant Hills, PA.

My Rescue Story:

Meet Hobey. He was found in our office courtyard last Friday filthy dirty, weighing less than 2 pounds and being eaten alive by Warbles. We took up a very generous collection and he's been in a veterinary hospital since then, tested well and receiving good medical care. He's still a bag of bones but began eating on his own. When he is completely healthy and has gained the appropriate weight, he will be released to a very loving home waiting for him. He is doing really well and this "first" photo was sent to us by the vet technician with more to come. I work with some awesome caring people.

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