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Hairless cat breeds, such as a Sphinx or a Peterbald, don't necessarily mean less maintenance. Although these cats are beautiful, unusual and affectionate, their exposed skin often requires more care than that of a typical furry feline.

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Rescue Hero Story About Socrates aka Socks

Name: Socrates aka Socks

Age: 8

Breed: DSH

Owner: Carl & Dani

Hometown: Seattle

My Rescue Story:

Socks was an abandoned kitty. Neighbors that lived next a friend ran a drug house. Him and another cat where left behind after the police came to clean up the house. He was always out side and friendly so he went to live with our parents. After a few years he came to live with us and our other adopted cat. He is moody but a real sweet heart who loves to snuggle up to us. He's even been taught to do tricks (that's him doing is sit up and beg trick in the photo). We love him and couldn't be happier to have him in our life.

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