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Try to determine your cat's breed (or breeds), as certain health conditions have genetic links. For example, Persians and Abyssinians tend to be at risk for kidney problems, which are manageable if diagnosed early.

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Rescue Hero Story About Lance

Name: Lance

Age: 7

Breed: DSH

Owner: Carl & Dani

Hometown: Seattle

My Rescue Story:

I got lance from the Lynnwood PAWS. I had been lonely and just wanted a cat to curl up with. So my boyfriend, his roommate and I went down to the shelter. My boyfriend actually was the one to pick him out. Once in the cat visit room, we fell in love with him. The first night at the apartment, he was mewing at the door so I popped a harness and leash on him and took him out. To my surprise he was ok with it. Since then Ive continued to try and train him. He also keeps showing us how smart and strange he is (he likes car rides).

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