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Cats can't "work out" problems, because they're territorial animals. Stop fights between house cats by blowing a whistle, squirting a bit of water or by tossing a soft object, like a pillow, near them.

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Rescue Hero Story About Livi

Name: Livi

Age: 4 months

Breed: Tabby-siamese

Owner: Molly

Hometown: Astoria

My Rescue Story:

I was in line to pay for a vet appointment with my dogs when a woman came in behind me carrying a mewing box. Inside there were four adorable tiny four week old kittens that had been abandoned under her house. My husband and I have been wanting a cat for years but it never seemed right until then, I decided to see what my dogs would do since I had never had them around cats before and they just licked the tiny little baby! Now Livi thinks she is one of the dogs and wrestles and sleeps with them every day.

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