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Kittens are usually immune to catnip, so if you have a kitten, refrain from purchasing catnip until your pet is at least 6 months of age or older.

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Rescue Hero Story About Shrub

Name: Shrub

Age: 2.5

Breed: Tabby

Owner: Mary

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia

My Rescue Story:

My friend and I would sit in the yard on the deck everyday after work and would have peaceful conversations about nothing, and one day we hear a constant mew coming from the trees a few feet away. After some weeks the mew had a face as it came nearer as we would leave a little food out, and saw that it was a stalky, tailless cat that could almost be mistaken for a small plant: a Shrub!! He is a silly, energetic, intelligent cat and a very loving protective friend, we would inevitably learn. It was easy to see his desparateness for acceptance. After months of ridding him of his fear of everything with gentle speak and touch, he has now adopted the sheltered deck as his home, and the family as his own. He gets his sardines, dry foods and taurine tablets everyday, and, without exception, as a gift from the Shrub, we get the occasional dead mouse. His many many antics have thus far been life enriching and always will be, as long as Shrub is here life could not be more fun! :)

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