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Common symptoms of kitty illness include hiding for more than a day, loss of appetite, change in litter box routine and lack of grooming. If you detect any of these behavioral changes, meet with your veterinarian.

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Rescue Hero Story About Panda

Name: Panda

Age: 2

Breed: Mixed

Owner: Alexandria

Hometown: Lethbridge, Canada

My Rescue Story:

I rescued Panda from a home of a friend's who wanted pets and refused to look after them. Her mother died when she was only 5 days old. I bottle fed her, taught her to use the litter box, and gave her the love and comfort she needed. She became sick and almost died because the woman who owned the house demanded to feed Panda and ended up over feeding her. She was near death when I told her "You're a survivor and you will live".Must to the surprise of everyone, she made it through the night and is as strong as ever. She is my best friend now, follows me everywhere, refuses to listen to anyone but me, and is at home with me, will all the love she deserves and could ever need.

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