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Try to purchase the freshest possible catnip for your cat and rub it between your fingers to release warmth, aroma and the essential oils that catnip-sensitive felines love.

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Rescue Hero Story About Pharrell

Name: Pharrell

Age: 6

Breed: short hair

Owner: Chelisa & Don

Hometown: Sacramento ca.

My Rescue Story:

My sister found Pharrell as a little kitten alone hungry and lonely at her work place. His mother and siblings were stuck under the building he managed to get out and he was so adorable my sister fell in love with him but could not keep him so she gave him to me and he has been with me ever since he is very spoiled and demands his food he is my best friend my baby and he knows it. He sleeps with me follows me around the house he has been neutered and stills loves the girl cats he says no and hits back and tells you when he wants something.

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