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To make your cat's day, set up a birdfeeder outdoors and then provide your feline with a comfortable, sunny window seat to watch the avian action.

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Rescue Hero Story About Striper, Tango, Russy, Pearl

Name: Striper, Tango, Russy, Pearl

Age: 6 mths

Breed: Manx, Shorthair

Owner: Gina Bryant

Hometown: Cheraw SC

My Rescue Story:

I was feeding a feral cat last fall and when the weather turned really cold opened the door and she walked right in. She adapted well and I soon discovered she was expecting. We had 4 kittens (the only girl a Manx) and soon after they were weaned momma cat went outside and never came home. I now have 4 wonderful terrors keeping life exciting. When I go to sleep they are scattered all over the house but every morning they are always sprawled across the bed. My 7 year old cat is only slightly irritated at their antics. They fill my heart and I didn't even know it had room.

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