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Try to determine your cat's breed (or breeds), as certain health conditions have genetic links. For example, Persians and Abyssinians tend to be at risk for kidney problems, which are manageable if diagnosed early.

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Rescue Hero Story About Sandy

Name: Sandy

Age: about 2

Breed: DSH red tabby

Owner: Judy Antipin

Hometown: Phoenixville, PA

My Rescue Story:

Our neighbor found Sandy (he had another name then) and kept him for a few months, but her other cats kept picking on him. We (my partner and I) thought he had the greatest personality, so we offered to 'home' him. He had to be neutered before he came to live with us. We have two dogs as well as a somewhat territorial female cat, and Sandy took to them all immediately. He had no fear of dogs, and actually is best friends with my year-old Gordon Setter who weighs 70 pounds. My vet tech calls Sandy a dog in a cat suit.

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