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Animal rescue groups that focus on particular cat breeds are a great adoption resource. Follow-up counseling is often thorough, and fees are usually minimal.

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Rescue Hero Story About Raven

Name: Raven

Age: 14

Breed: Black shorthair

Owner: Holly Voll

Hometown: Cincinnati

My Rescue Story:

Raven was one of three kittens born in a rain grate by my office to a mommy who was a street cat. A big rainstorm was coming and we hadn't seen mom in a while. We called a vet and he suggested that caring families take the kittens to make sure they were fed and I became a momma! I bottle-fed Raven and as she grew she became my shadow. She even learned to jump onto the bathroom sink, drink from a paper cup of water, and knock it over when done to drain it.

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