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To avoid unwanted disasters such as meaty bones causing splintering and bleeding, never feed your cat table scraps. Onions, garlic, tomatoes, chocolate, grapes, raisins and other foods are also poisonous for kitties.

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Rescue Hero Story About Raven

Name: Raven

Age: 14

Breed: Black shorthair

Owner: Holly Voll

Hometown: Cincinnati

My Rescue Story:

Raven was one of three kittens born in a rain grate by my office to a mommy who was a street cat. A big rainstorm was coming and we hadn't seen mom in a while. We called a vet and he suggested that caring families take the kittens to make sure they were fed and I became a momma! I bottle-fed Raven and as she grew she became my shadow. She even learned to jump onto the bathroom sink, drink from a paper cup of water, and knock it over when done to drain it.

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