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Animal shelters must screen their cats for health and temperament, whereas pet adoption ads posted on the Web or in newspapers by individuals are usually unregulated. Adopting a new cat from a shelter is therefore often the best, safest option.

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Rescue Hero Story About Hera and Juno

Name: Hera and Juno

Age: 6 months

Breed: tortoiseshell

Owner: martha

Hometown: seattle

My Rescue Story:

My daughter and I were scouting a geocaching site and were heading back to the car and she said "Mom!  There's a rat coming out of the storm drain!" But it was a tiny kitten running to us and meowing.  Then we saw her sister hanging back in the woods.  We caught the first one but couldn't catch the shy one.  So we went home and brought back some food to tempt her. She was so hungry she growled the whole time she was eating.  We caught her and decided to keep them both because the local shelters were too full to take them. They are so sweet, loving and funny.

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