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If your cat seems bored with its food, offer a wet food with a different texture and flavor. Experiment by placing a few different types side by side to see which one your cat likes best.

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Rescue Hero Story About Columbia

Name: Columbia

Age: approx 18 at passing Nov 2 2011

Breed: Main Coon

Owner: Michele

Hometown: Murfreesboro TN

My Rescue Story:

Columbia adopted us in late 1999. She was living in the apt parking lot. By New Years Day 2000 she was living infoors with us. Our vet estimated her age at the time to be approx 8yrs. Who would ever has guessed those black pads would turn out to be pink once she had cleaned them well enough ; just shows how long she had been out in the parking lot in the grease :( .. She was the most tolerant, sweet, loving, intuitive, cuddly, talkative, beautiful cat I have ever known :she also liked to box. She would seat herself on her on a chair in the midst of our parties so as not to miss a thing. I will never find another like her ; she was my feline soulmate.

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