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If you cannot own a cat due to household restrictions, consider volunteering for a local shelter or animal rescue group. You'll meet new friends who share your fondness for felines, and you'll spend quality time with kitties.

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Rescue Hero Story About Carole

Name: Carole

Age: 1

Breed: Tabby Cat

Owner: Niamh

Hometown: N/A

My Rescue Story:

I was walking home from school (I'm only in Primary) and suddenly I heard a scraping noise. It was very cold, and I thought I'd imagined it, but then I heard it again, this time accompanied with a mew. I turned around and there, hanging onto the gutters, about 10-9 feet high, was a tiny little kitten. I ran as fast as I could to the building and got my best friend to climb up the building. Suddenly, the kitten fell, and I rushed to catch it. I fell over and it laded on my stomach, but I quickly picked it up and studied it closely. It was a tiny little kitten, I think a tabby, though hard to tell, because it was covered in dirt. It was drenched, the poor thing, and was shivering, I could feel its tiny heard softly beating. We rushed back to the school, into the teachers staffroom and gave it a nice, warm bath. After the bath, all the dirt came off, and it was a beautiful, green eyed tabby cat. Its fur was so soft, and it was so orange! We figured (with teacher help) that it was about 5 days old, and it couldn't survive with out veterinarian attention. My dad rushed to pick us up, and stopped at the nearest vet. We had to leave her there for a few days, but when the vet asked if we would adopt her there was no hesitation. My mum was allergic to cats, but surprisingly Carole didn't give her allergic reactions. 3 weeks later we gave Carole the best Christmas present we could offer, a nice, loving family, a warm bed, food and 3 children (including me) who loved her dearly. Carole is an adventuring, exciting, sweet and patient cat. she often climbs onto the house and jumps onto me when I am coming home, but never, ever goes near the gutter. She hasn't yet let us take a photo of her, so I chose the one that looks most like her from the internet.

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