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Many animal shelters provide follow-up assistance after you adopt your cat. Check with your local shelter to see if pet parenting, behavioral training or other classes are offered.

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Rescue Hero Story About Squeaker

Name: Squeaker

Age: 4ish

Breed: Calico

Owner: Kim Bussey

Hometown: Heath, Oh

My Rescue Story:

I live by a park. Our community has been hit hard with several industrial businesses moving out or shutting down. People have also moved or lost their homes, dumping their pets in the park. Squeaker appeared on my porch, all skin and bones. I was a dog person, now Squeakers rules. This short story is how I imagine her life before me. Abandoned Unfamiliar scenery passed by the car windows as she stared out. Family life had changed. The house was empty; everything packed or sold. Food had become scarce and anger plentiful, so she tried to give love and comfort. The car stopped, and she was pushed out. As taillights faded, she managed a pitiful, pleading meow.

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