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If your cat seems bored with its food, offer a wet food with a different texture and flavor. Experiment by placing a few different types side by side to see which one your cat likes best.

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Rescue Hero Story About Elvira

Name: Elvira

Age: Six

Breed: ? Tuxedo Cat

Owner: Phyllis Hunt

Hometown: West Haven, CT

My Rescue Story:

We adopted Elvira from the shelter when she was approximately 11 months old. She has the loudest purr and loves to curl up with me. It took her almost two years before she would let my husband hold her - never for more than a minute. She will curl up on his legs when he's in his recliner. He loves it when she does. She was afraid of everything in the beginning but now is quite comfortable in our home. As you can see she loves to help me balance the checkbook. Our kids are grown and our home is no longer empty. 3 years ago we adopted Shadow but that's another story :o)

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