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Rescue Hero Story About Cinderella


Name: Cinderella

Age: 3


Owner: Robb

Hometown: TULSA, OK

My Rescue Story:

I was cat sitting friends’ cats.  One night at his apartment, I took the trash out and at the dumpster found this little bundle of joy going through the trash trying to find something to eat.  She was starving to death, had a bad case of fleas and  ear mites as well, a lot of her fur was actually gone / fallen out from being so malnourished and from scratching herself.  She was only about 5 wks old and I am certain she would not have lived but a few more days out in the cold with no food or shelter.   I took her home, kept her in my garage for the 1st night and the next morning, took her to my vet who cleaned her up and checked her out.  From that moment forward she has been with me and is one of the best cats I have ever had.   I think her name is quite appropriate, given the circumstances in which I found her.  She now lives a very pampered life that is full of love and affection.

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