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Cats can't "work out" problems, because they're territorial animals. Stop fights between house cats by blowing a whistle, squirting a bit of water or by tossing a soft object, like a pillow, near them.

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  • Pets and Kids--What They Can Handle

    Just because your kid is begging you for a furry friend to call her own doesn't mean she's necessarily ready for the responsibility of taking care of one. Keep these things in mind before running out to add a new member to your family.

  • Homeopathic Remedies for Cats ... and are They Healthy?

    You've heard of homeopathic remedies for cats before, but should you use them? We'll break down everything you need to know.

  • How to get your cat to use the litter box

    It might seem impossible, but with these simple steps your cat will be using her litter box in no time.

  • Bring the outdoors in

    How to make your indoor cat happy and stimulated

  • Best Practices for Bathing Your Cat

    Everyone knows cats are afraid of water ... but where does that leave you if your cat really needs a bath? Read on to find out.

  • Kitten Behaviour Essentials

    Understanding the 5 stages of kittenhood can be a life saver

  • Kitten Behavior Essentials

    Want your kittens to be more social and intelligent? Start doing one simple thing to bring out its best.

  • Exercise for Couch Potato Cats

    Get your cat mobile with fun play sessions each day

  • How to best bond with your new cat

    Bringing a new cat home can be stressful for both you and your new furry friend. Find out the best ways to bond with your cat so you’ll be closer than ever.

  • Are Mischievous Cats Just Bored?

    Is your cat always in your closet? Does she knock over plants and bother you at night? Your home could be dullsville for your feline, but it may only require simple changes.

  • The 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

    To ensure that your cat lives a long and healthy life (or nine), check out our five easy steps to promoting feline wellness.

  • Kitten Kindergarten

    Games and basic etiquette are two of many subjects covered in kitty classes cropping up all over the country. Discover why sooner beats later when educating cats.

  • What Purring Means

    What we know about this common form of feline social communication.

  • Cat Litter Box Problems Eliminated

    Our expert gives handy hints on how to retrain your cat to use its litter box effectively

  • Cat Litter Box Problems Eliminated

    The Daily Cat's most requested topic is how to solve cat litter box problems. You asked and we listened. Here are ways to prevent litter box misses, kitty carpet messes and much more.

  • How Cats Interact With Us

    Cats are an important part of the family but it's vital we learn to respect their need for space

  • Five Ways To Make Your Shelter Cat Feel at Home

    Shelter cats make great pets. There are just a few things to know to make your new cat's transition to your home easier for both her and you.

  • Are Cats Loners?

    You know the perception, but if you live with an attention-seeking kitty, you may have different thoughts. Here's the truth about cat loneliness, and how you can help prevent it.

  • Your Cat's Inner Kitten Released

    No matter how old your cat is, it likely has an "inner kitten" that's ready to pounce, learn and explore. It just may take a little coaxing.

  • Writers Who Love Their Cats

    Why is it that so many literary and creative types gravitate
    toward cats? Here, authors who gain inspiration from their pets.

  • How Your Cat Says "I Love You"

    A feline can't speak those three magic words, but it can certainly show you how much it cares. Here are seven signs that your cat is crazy -- about you.

  • ID Your Relationship With Your Cat

    How would you best describe your relationship with your cat? Is your pet like a member of your family, a best friend, a companion? Or an exotic, furry curiosity?

  • Improve Your Cat’s Visit to the Vet

    Want to make veterinary visits pain-free for both you and your cat? Here, expert advice. Plus, veterinarians provide advice for other veterinarians.

  • The Cat Connection to Dating and Romance

    "Must love cats" is a phrase frequently seen in personal ads. But can cats really help their humans find Mr. or Ms. Right?

  • Insure Your Kitty's Health

    All health care decisions for your cat should be based on your veterinarian's recommendations, but they can be influenced by the cost of treatment. Here are a few good questions to ask before you settle on a pet insurance provider.

  • Preparing for a New Kitten

    From the first exciting adjustments to training to health care, we help you to get your home-and yourself-ready for a new kitten.

  • When to Feed Cats a High-calorie Diet

    The world is full of corpulent cats, but some felines need an extra calorie boost, such as cats with dental problems or those that are recovering from illness.

  • How to Prevent 5 Common Cat Illnesses

    As the axiom goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here are tips to prevent some of the most common cat health problems.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your cat’s wellness in this plan? Ensure your cat’s good health by following these recommendations.

  • Global Cat Food Market Trends

    Do cat owners in Europe look for the same qualities in cat food as feline fanciers in Vietnam? Analysts weigh in on worldwide pet food trends.

  • Misbehaving Cats Need Schooling

    When you live with someone, including one or more feline friends, their annoying bad habits can drive you crazy over time. A refresher behaviour course may be in order, with you serving as teacher.

  • Cat Cancer Study Sheds Light on Human Cancer

    New research on cancer in cats reveals patterns of disease development that could apply to humans as well.

  • Can New Cat Feeders Help Solve Mealtime Problems?

    We look at some of the newest feeders, from combo play-food stations to "slow-down" bowls for tubby tabbies, to see if they live up to their claims.

  • What to Do With a Feline Loudmouth

    Does your cat ever meow, or even scream, to the point where you desire a quieter kitty? All it takes are some gentle techniques to hush your cat.

  • Cat Food Ingredients for Good Health

    Cat food with just the right balance of a special ingredient can literally make your cat shine with the glow of good health.

  • The Best Way to Pet Your Cat

    Most cats enjoy a relaxing rubdown, but some methods will please them more than others. Our feline massage experts teach you the best techniques.

  • Ensure Curiosity Doesn’t Kill Your Cat

    The phrase "curiosity killed the cat" may hold some truth, since cats are known to sometimes be too inquisitive for their own good. Find out what steps you can take to protect your investigative friend.

  • When to Feed Cats a High-calorie Diet

    The world is full of corpulent cats, but some felines need an extra calorie boost, such as cats with dental problems or those that are recovering from illness.

  • How to Manage Your Cat’s Health Care

    A new survey shows that the recession has affected cat care. Advance planning can help you to save money and provide proper medical support for your pet.

  • Spring 2012 Flea and Tick Care for Cats

    Fleas and ticks are out in force during the spring. Here are some of the latest products and techniques for dealing with these pesky and often dangerous parasites.

  • The Lowdown on Low pH in Cat Food

    Cats -- especially seniors -- may suffer from bathroom issues, such as calcium crystal formation in urine. The food you feed your pet can help make sure what goes in comes out the way it should.

  • Luxury Hotels for Cats

    Luxury hotels aren't just for people. From Las Vegas to the U.K., your cat can vacation in comfort and style.

  • Cat Displacement Behavior

    What is a displacement behavior for cats, and how does licking fall under that description?

  • Why Cats Have Whiskers

    It feels like my cat has whiskers on the back of its front legs. Does it? If so, what are they used for?

  • Are You Protecting Your Cat’s Health?

    Take our quiz to find out if you're doing all that you can to safeguard your cat's health.

  • Handling the Death of a Cat in a Multi-cat Home

    My female cat just lost her brother and she seems to be very lost. She has never been alone before, and I am not sure what to do for her.

  • How Cats Leave Their Mark

    My cat seems to leave behind a greasy mark when it regularly rubs against things. What is causing this?

  • Lower Your Stress … With a Cat?

    I've heard that cats can reduce the stress levels of their owners. Is this true?

  • The Cat Connection to Dating and Romance

    "Must love cats" is a phrase frequently seen in personal ads. But can cats really help their humans find Mr. or Ms. Right?

  • Can a Pain Management Center Help Your Cat?

    Is your cat suffering from pain due to injury, age or illness? Veterinary centers specializing in treating your cat's aches and pains may be able to help.

  • How to Recognize Feline Non-recognition Aggression

    What is feline non-recognition aggression? I think it may be happening in my home, but I can't be sure.

  • Cat Volunteers Who Are Saving Lives

    These award-winning volunteers -- including a cat -- have helped to save the lives of innocent felines. Here, their stories.

  • How You and Your Cat Can Go Green

    Sustainability is the buzzword in the pet food industry now, with decisions affecting everything from ingredients to packaging.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your cat's wellness in this plan? Ensure your cat's good health by following these recommendations.

  • When to Feed Cats a High-calorie Diet

    The world is full of corpulent cats, but some felines need an extra calorie boost, such as cats with dental problems or those that are recovering from illness.

  • Cats’ Companions

    Do cats have friends just as humans do? And do they think of their human caretakers as friends?

  • Top 7 Ways to Help Homeless Cats This Holiday Season

    Did you know that you can help homeless cats just by using social media? Here are other easy ways to help cats in need this winter holiday season.

  • Cat Cancer Study Sheds Light on Human Cancer

    New research on cancer in cats reveals patterns of disease development that could apply to humans as well.

  • What Is a Normal Body Temperature for Cats?

    Why is my cat's body temperature higher than what's normal for humans? Does this higher temperature affect its behavior in any way?

  • Are Some Cat Mothers Better Than Others?

    Like humans, it seems as though some cat moms are extremely attentive and enjoy having kittens more than others. Does that affect how well their kittens will do?

  • Cat Breeds for Dog Lovers

    Are you a dog-centric pet owner who’s looking to get a cat for the family? These cat breeds just may win you over.

  • How to Bathe Your Cat

    My cat hates water, but it really could use a bath every now and then. Is there a way I can give my cat a dry bath?

  • Preparing for a New Kitten

    From the first exciting adjustments to training to health care, we help you to get your home -- and yourself -- ready for a new kitten.

  • What to Name Your Cat

    Does it matter what I name my cat, and are felines likely to respond better to certain names than to others?

  • Make a Carrier Cat-friendly in 5 Easy Steps

    Cats and their carriers should be friends -- not foes. Dr. Jane Brunt of the CATalyst Council shares five easy steps for improving cat-carrier transport.

  • Calm Your Cat

    Certain sprays claim to do everything, from preventing urine-marking to calming down cats. Do they really work?

  • The Dangers and Risks for Outdoor Cats

    A new study on cats that live at least part of their lives outdoors reveals surprising dangers. Learn why indoor-only is best for your pet.

  • How Can I Keep My Cat Properly Hydrated?

    My frisky cat often tips over her water bowl. Even when she doesn't, the water gets warm during hot summer days. How can I make sure my cat behaves herself and has quality water to drink, even when I'm not at home?

  • Organizations That Feed Cats When Owners Can’t

    Tree House Humane Society, Florida's Animal Pantry and other organizations help feed the cats of owners facing economic and health challenges.

  • Can Your Cat Save Your Life?

    I read about dogs that save their owners' lives by getting help or opening doors. Are there examples of cats that have saved their owners' lives?

  • Allergic to Cats? New Vaccine Could Help

    Developers of a new vaccine report that it gets rid of cat allergies. If you know someone who sneezes around cats, their wheezing days could soon be over.

  • Air Travel for Cats

    I'm moving out of state soon and would like to send my cat to my destination with one of the special airlines that are now available for pets. How should I prepare her for the trip?

  • Mother’s Milk Influences Kitten Food

    Did you know that high-quality kitten chow often contains nutrients that naturally occur in a mother cat's milk? Find out what your kitten needs to grow big and strong.

  • Go Green With Your Cat

    I'm concerned about the environment and would like to buy more "green" products for my cat, both to benefit it and to prevent pollution. What new items do you recommend?

  • Adopting a Second Cat

    I have a sweet Himalayan kitten, and I would like to adopt another cat now. Do I need to keep anything in mind when selecting this second cat -- such as its age, sex and/or breed -- to ensure they get along?

  • Cat Survivors of Japan’s Earthquakes and Tsunami

    While coverage of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan leaned toward the rescue effort of people, many forget that these natural disasters threaten pets as well. Here, rescuers share stories about the cats that were saved.

  • Pregnant Cat Care

    Did you recently celebrate Mother's Day with friends or family? This should be a reminder that cat mothers deserve special attention too. Find out how to best support a cat mom-to-be.

  • Hold Your Cat Correctly

    Is there a correct way to pick up a cat? I'm always afraid that I will hurt my cats, or those belonging to friends and relatives.

  • Litter Box Training for Your Cat

    What are some do's and don'ts when it comes to preventing my cat from going to the bathroom outside of its litter box?

  • How to Select Cat Food

    A recent survey shows how Americans choose cat food, and as it turns out, most of us need to change our selection criteria.

  • Benefits of DHA for Your Growing Kitten

    Kittens naturally produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), but they may benefit from having this omega-3 fatty acid in their food. Find out why.

  • The Hottest New Cat Products

    Next month’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando will feature more than 3,000 new pet products. Here’s a sneak peek of what will be offered for you and your cat.

  • Protect Your Cat’s Teeth From Disease

    In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, veterinarians share tips on improving your cat's "smile" while also preventing tooth decay, gum disease and other periodontal ailments.

  • Cat Food That Maintains Healthy Digestion

    Ingredients in your cat's food may be the simple solution to its digestive issues. Veterinarians share the best diet tips for
    healthy digestion.

  • Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Cat Owners

    New and longtime cat owners often overlook their pets when making new year’s resolutions. This year, try these changes that will benefit your cat.

  • Adopt Your Perfect Cat This Holiday Season

    Looking to adopt a cat this holiday season? ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program, Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays and other pet adoption campaigns are here to help.

  • Top Feeding Tips From Cat Owners

    Mealtime for cats doesn’t just have to be about the food -- it can also be a special time for you and your pet. Here are tips from owners on making mealtime memorable for everyone.

  • Easy -- and Cheap! -- Holiday Gift Ideas for Cats

    The gift-giving season is around the corner. This year, why not show your favorite feline how much you love it with one of these gift ideas for cats that won’t bust your budget.

  • Is Your Cat at Risk for Diabetes?

    As cat diabetes is on the rise, November is now dedicated to bringing awareness to diabetes in humans and pets. Here are the symptoms to watch out for in your cat.

  • Your Cat’s Unique Nutritional Needs

    Learn what factors determine your cat’s particular nutritional needs so that you can choose exactly the right cat food for your pet.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Walking Cats

    My cat has a new leash, and I’m now excited to take her out for a walk with it. What are some do’s and don’ts for walking cats?

  • ‘Adopt a Senior Pet Month’ Saves Lives

    Celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month by saving the life of an elderly yet still active and lovable cat.

  • Keep Your Cat Healthy This Halloween

    Thirteen may be the spookiest number, but you’ll appreciate these 13 tips for keeping your cat safe and happy this Halloween.

  • Mealtime in a Multi-cat Home

    Are you experiencing feeding problems during mealtime in your multi-cat home? Here are some answers to common problems in homes with more than one cat.

  • Best Toys for Your Playful Cat

    I recall hearing that cat toys all fall into four basic categories. What are they?

  • Help Shelter Cats Even if You Can’t Adopt

    Are you allergic to cats, or do you already have a house full of cats? From shooting photos and videos to sponsoring cats in need, you can still help homeless pets.

  • How to Know Your Cat’s Vet Needs

    It’s becoming more common for cat owners to use the Internet and other resources in diagnosing feline health problems, but when is a vet visit the only answer?

  • Help Your Cat Go Green at Mealtime

    Are you actively “green” or looking to become more eco-friendly? Make a positive impact on the environment, starting with your cat’s food and its packaging.

  • Host a Cat Playdate

    Playdates aren’t just for kids. Host a playdate for your cat, with the help of these tips on preparations that promote fun and prevent fights.

  • Ringworm: The Leading Cause of Cat Skin Disease

    Ringworm has recently shown up at several animal shelters, but can be difficult to spot or diagnose. Here’s how you can prevent this tenacious skin disease from affecting your cat.

  • 7 Food Ingredients for Your Cat’s Health

    Some cat foods are now specially formulated to protect your cat against common health problems.

  • International Homeless Animals’ Day: Make a Difference

    August 21 is International Homeless Animals’ Day. Here’s how you can help to transform cats from homeless to happy and homeward bound.

  • Technology Made for Cats

    Want to monitor what your cat is doing at any given time of day? New high-tech devices, such as a cat collar that tweets on Twitter, can help you do just that.

  • Top 10 Questions for Your Cat’s Veterinarian

    Make the most out of your cat’s next veterinary visit by knowing the right questions to ask.

  • Improve Cat Veterinary Office Visits

    Want to make veterinary visits pain-free for both you and your cat? Here, expert advice. Plus, veterinarians provide advice for other veterinarians.

  • Prebiotics Support Your Cat’s Inner Strength

    Have you read the latest research findings about prebiotics? We’ll fill you in, since prebiotics are now available in both wet and dry cat food.

  • Are Tick and Flea Control Products Safe?

    The EPA recently announced that it has developed stricter testing and evaluation requirements for flea and tick products for your cat. If the EPA is worried, should you be too?

  • ‘Adopt a Cat Month’ Needs Your Help

    Each year, thousands of kittens are born during spring and summer, filling animal shelters nationwide. How can you help? Take part in June’s Adopt a Cat Month.

  • Calm the Fears of Your Scaredy-Cat

    Does your cat freak out during veterinary visits or dive under the bed whenever guests arrive? Our experts share how you can ease common cat fears before they get out of hand.

  • The ‘Animal Nanny’ Cat Sitter Cares for Lonely Cats

    Like a Mary Poppins for cats, “Animal Nanny” Marna Stein cares for and plays with lonely cats while their owners are away at work or on vacation. Could a nanny benefit your cat?

  • Drug Recalls Put Spotlight on Cat Anesthesia Safety

    Two commonly used veterinary drugs were recently recalled after the reported deaths of at least five cats. Find out which drugs were pulled and why careful anesthesia of cats is so important.

  • Cat Food Ingredients: The 4 Essential Groups

    Cats are carnivores, so protein from meat is essential. But can you guess what the other key ingredient groups are in quality natural cat foods?

  • Celebrate ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’

    It’s Be Kind to Animals Week, a time to celebrate your cat and promote treating all animals humanely. Here are some ways you can show your cat why it’s loved and treasured.

  • The Reasoning for Indoor Cats

    Indoor cats live longer lives, and yet the myth persists that it’s OK to allow cats outdoors. Learn how to keep your cat safe and happy.

  • Erase Your Cat’s Carbon Footprint

    This Earth Day week, reduce the impact of your cat’s products, food and more on the environment. Before long, your feline will leave a near-invisible carbon footprint on the planet.

  • Pet Identification: The Best Care for Your Cat

    National Pet ID Week is April 18 to 24, a reminder to microchip, tag, tattoo, ear notch or otherwise ID pet cats for their health and safety. But which method is best for you and your cat?

  • Weight Control Cat Foods Evaluated

    A new study has found that weight control foods for cats vary widely, both in calories and price. Learn what to look for and why “lite,” “light” and “low calorie” aren’t always what they seem.

  • Help Homeless Shelter Cats With Your Craft Skills

    Can you crochet, knit or sew? If so, you can ease the life of homeless shelter cats through the Snuggles Project.

  • An Inside Look at Cat Grooming

    If your cat is grooming too little or too much, an underlying health issue could be the cause. Here are common signs to look for.

  • Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

    Is your cat finicky to the point that it’s showing a loss of appetite? This can signal a number of problems, but all can be prevented and treated.

  • Does Your Cat Need a Psychiatrist?

    Veterinary behaviorist Kenneth Martin has seen it all, from cat anxiety to feline winter blues. Learn what this cat “psychiatrist” treats and if your pet might be a candidate for his interventions.

  • Cat Product Trends for 2010

    The pet industry’s largest trade show takes place later this month. We’ve got a sneak peek at some of this year’s hottest cat toys and other products.

  • The Easiest Way to Assess Your Cat’s Health

    What’s one of the first symptoms of illness in your cat? A rise or drop in your cat’s body temperature. Here’s what the numbers may mean.

  • Whet Your Cat’s Appetite With Wet Food

    The term “canned cat food” is all wet: Thanks to new flavors, additions and recipes, many manufacturers now prefer the phrase “wet cat food.” Which of the new products are best for your pet?

  • Dating Services for Cat Owners

    Need a matchmaker to find your perfect mate? The Right Breed, Must Love Pets, Date My Pet and other online dating services use the power of pets to bring people together.

  • Veterinary Education Goes Global

    U.S. health care is often compared with that of other countries, but what about U.S. veterinary care? A global approach could be just what the veterinarian-in-training ordered.

  • Is Your “Natural” Cat Food Truly Natural?

    Many cat foods claim to be “natural,” but some products merit that description more than others. This guide will help you find the right pet food for your cat.

  • How Can Cats Play the Piano?

    From Nora to Schmaltzy, piano-playing cats seem to be everywhere. But how can cats play the piano, and is the skill based on natural behaviors?

  • Pet Airways Offers Cats New Travel Option

    The world’s first all-pet airline has taken to the skies. Here’s what it can -- and can’t -- offer your cat compared to regular commercial air travel.

  • Cat Ownership Keeps the Doctor Away

    Cats are more than cute and cuddly. Recent studies reveal how cat ownership improves human health -- both physical and mental.

  • Last-minute Holiday Food Gifts for Cats

    With a touch of creativity, you can satisfy all of the nice, not naughty, cats on your holiday shopping list with affordable, edible gifts they’ll actually use.

  • Not so Stupid Pet Tricks for Cats

    Do you wish your cat knew how to fetch, do a high five and perform other impressive tricks? It’s possible, with a little training.

  • Celebrate the Season While Helping Cats in Need

    The holiday season usually means more shopping, cooking and socializing, but did you know these efforts could also help cats in need? December fun has never been so rewarding.

  • Cat Flu Truths and Myths

    Now that we know cats can get infected with H1N1, should you worry about catching this, or any, influenza virus from your pet? Find out the truth about cat flu.

  • Multi-cat Food Explained

    You’re probably wondering what the term “multi-cat” on pet food labels is referring to exactly. This food product may be the best choice for your felines.

  • Top 10 Thanksgiving Tips for Cat Owners

    Inquisitive cat behavior and Thanksgiving don’t always mix. Keep your kitty safe and happy this holiday season with these suggestions.

  • Single-cat to Multi-cat Without Problems

    Want to help reduce the shelter cat population? Turn your single-feline household into a multi-cat one -- without angering your current top cat.

  • Declawing Cats: Risky Procedure or Simple Manicure?

    Declawing remains a controversial yet common procedure for cats. Should it be banned, or do the benefits ever outweigh the associated health risks?

  • The Best Protein Sources for Your Cat

    As carnivores, cats crave and love meat. But are you feeding your feline the types of meat that provide optimal nutrition?

  • Special Purr Allows Cats to Manipulate Humans

    Do you sometimes feel like your cat controls you, albeit ever so sweetly? Scientists are discovering there is, in fact, some truth to that.

  • Give Second-home Cats a Second Chance

    Did you know that adult cats are among the least adopted animals at shelters? Here’s how you can help remedy this dire situation.

  • Become a Health Detective for Your Cat

    Want to quickly spot signs of illness in your cat? We’ve uncovered the key symptoms to look -- and listen -- for.

  • How Veterinary Formula Cat Foods Work

    Are you concerned about your cat’s health? New veterinary formula therapeutic cat foods may be the answer to your worries.

  • Moving With Your Cat

    Relocating to a new home can put a lot of stress on your cat. Make life easier for both you and your cat by following these tips.

  • Must-read Books for Cat Owners

    While students immerse themselves in books again this month, consider adding these book classics and new favorites to your own cat library.

  • Are Generic Drugs Safe for Cats?

    Find out if generic medications are a safe savings or a potential health risk for your cat.

  • Cat Food for Seniors

    An old cat doesn't necessarily mean a healthy cat. Help your feline achieve optimal wellness by feeding it the right food for this advanced stage of life.

  • Signs of a Stressed-out Cat

    Is your cat feeling overly tense? Tune into specific cat-stress clues and ease the mind of your anxious feline.

  • Outdoor Enclosures for Cats

    Your cat can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors without the dangers. Here's how.

  • "Natural" Cat Food Explained

    You might not realize that food control officials monitor use of the word "natural" on labels. What should you expect when buying natural cat food for your pet?

  • How to Leash Train Your Cat

    Dogs on leashes seem to have all the fun. But with a little time and patience, you can leash train your independent-minded cat.

  • Go Green for Your Cat's Health

    An eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't just benefit the Earth: It can make you and your cat healthier. Here are some steps to get started.

  • Cat Food Prebiotics Promote Good Health

    Have you heard of prebiotics? These components, present in select human and cat foods, contain important benefits for your cat.

  • How and Why Cats Purr

    Your cat's purr may be the calm you need after a busy day. But those good feline vibrations serve an important function too. Discover the meaning behind the purr.

  • Cat Grooming Basics

    Want to turn your feline frump into a healthier, happier kitty? This easy, at-home makeover starts with brushing, bathing, cleaning and clipping.

  • Choosing a Veterinarian

    It's often a daunting task finding a veterinarian to meet the needs of your pet and you. Check out our checklist to narrow down your search.

  • Cat Food for Life

    Cat foods target different life stages, but how do you know when it's time to switch? We've got the answers, and reasons why your food choices could lower veterinary bills.

  • Hidden Causes of Cat Allergies

    We often hear about human pet allergies, but can cats share similar signs and symptoms? Identifying what is bothering your pet is the first step to improving its home life.

  • Miracle Cat Cure

    You and your cat might be on pins and needles just thinking about acupuncture, but this treatment could be exactly what the veterinarian ordered.

  • Matching Food to Your Feline

    Want to know which food choices are best for your cat's profile? Pet nutritional consultant Bernadine Cruz, DVM, is an expert at picking the perfect foods for any feline.

  • Are Two or More Cats Better Than One?

    Want your cat to live a longer, happier life? Consider a roommate. Two or more cats can be optimal under certain circumstances.

  • Choosing the Best Cat Litter for Your Pet

    How do you know which cat litter is the best for you and your cat? We've weighed the pros and cons of each.

  • Is Secondhand Smoke Killing Your Cat?

    Think twice before you or your friends light up near your cat. Veterinarians are now reporting a disturbing new link between secondhand smoke and cat diseases.

  • The New Cat Urinary Health Problem Preventive

    Cat food now does more than provide nutrition: It can guard your cat against urinary tract health issues and lower your veterinary bill.

  • How to Live With Your Crepuscular Cat

    If you're finding that your daily routine conflicts with your cat's, you're not alone. It's time to tweak your pet's schedule to fit your needs.

  • Top Cat Health Concerns in Spring

    Springtime brings sunnier days and flowers, but also parasites, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Safeguard your cat against five of spring's most common health threats.

  • Cats Go to College

    If term papers and exams are causing strain on you or your college-age child, look to cats for relief. Adopting a furry friend can reduce stress and improve grades.

  • Flu Season for Cats

    Can kitty catch your flu? Maybe not, but it can get "cat flu" and other respiratory tract illness, unless you help prevent cat wheezes and sneezes.

  • Homemade Toys for Cats

    Cats often find boxes for expensive toys more interesting than the toys themselves. Our expert shares innovative homemade toy ideas that'll bring out your pet's pounce.

  • Preventing Feline Wintertime Blues

    Ever feel like the bleak winter brings you down? Your cat might be affected, too! Luckily, you can improve your kitty's seasonal slump.

  • Five Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

    Do you let your cat out to roam? Here are five good reasons why your kitty should stay indoors this winter -- and always.

  • Adopt a Feline Friend for Life

    A house without a cat is not a home if you're a feline fancier, so here's what to do if you'd like to adopt a cat for the first time or to add to your preexisting cat crew. The simple process takes just six steps.

  • Twelve Days of Cat Holiday Gifting

    While your cat may not mind milk from eight maids, we have better suggestions for twelve days worth of new and innovative products available this holiday season.

  • New Cat Toys on the Holiday Horizon

    What might your kitty want this season? We have the inside scoop on new toys and gadgets that are guaranteed to please.

  • How Minor Cat Health Issues Become Major

    Your cat's bad breath, excessive meowing or tubby tummy could turn into major health problems. Here are warning signs you should never ignore.

  • Indoor Living Changes Cat Food Needs

    Most experts agree that indoor living promotes a happier, healthier existence for your cat, but this literal lap of luxury can change your pet's food requirements. Learn why your cat may need food specially formulated for indoor kitties.

  • Don't Let Halloween Spook Your Cat

    Halloween can be scary for felines -- and not just because of ghosts. Here's how to safeguard your cat from noise, open doors leading to lost pets and unwanted attention from costumed kids, while still enjoying treat-filled fun.

  • New Recipes Transform Canned Cat Food

    If variety is the spice of life, then today's canned cat food is red hot, given all of the choices now available. Find out how new flavor combinations, textures, marinades and more could make your feline meow for seconds.

  • How to Strengthen Your Cat's Immunity

    Your cat's immune system can be its best defense against warding off germs and disease. By following just four steps, you can help to boost your cat's immunity.

  • Six Health Problems Targeted by Cat Food

    New cat foods could protect your pet from six of the most common kitty health problems. Find out what these problems are and learn how what your cat eats today might affect its future health.

  • When Hairballs Become Hazardous

    Most cats cough up fur balls from time to time, but did you know that hairballs can be fatal? Learn how they may endanger your pet and find out ways you can help to prevent them in the first place.

  • Cat Foods Go Natural

    Your farmers market purchases may start to resemble the ingredients in kitty's dinner, with the emergence of more of high-quality, natural ingredients in pet food.

  • Misbehaving Cats Need Schooling

    When you live with someone, including one or more feline friends, their annoying bad habits can drive you crazy over time. A refresher behavior course may be in order, with you serving as teacher.

  • Seven Signs Your Cat's Eating Right

    Evidence exists that you've made the right cat food choice, and it comes in the form of your very own feline friend. Find out how, in seven steps, you can see the way your cat food may promote healthy vitality in your pet.

  • What to Do With a Demanding Kitty

    Whoever said that all cats are loners obviously never spent much time with a needy house kitty. Here's how to handle felines that demand your attention 24-7.

  • From Cat Lover to Loving Volunteer

    Volunteering for an animal shelter can provide rewarding and memorable experiences. Volunteer Natalia Macrynikola shares a page from her diary, along with tips on how to make the most out of helping out at a pet shelter.

  • Cat Summertime Disease Safeguards

    You love summer's long days and warm weather -- and so do disease-causing parasites like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and heartworm, which could pose a threat to your feline's health.

  • Human Panel Judges Cat Food

    A wine connoisseur has just introduced a new method of evaluating cat food: a tasting panel with a human touch.

  • Ensure Curiosity Doesn't Kill Your Cat

    The phrase "curiosity killed the cat" may hold some truth, since felines are known to sometimes be too inquisitive for their own good. Find out what steps you can take to safeguard your investigative friend.

  • Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

    Be sure your favorite feline is a "cool cat" this summer, since extreme heat can pose serious health risks.

  • Multi-cat Foods Simplify Mealtime

    Can a food designed for multiple cats help better satisfy your furry friends?

  • Bringing the Outdoors Inside

    Make your feline's indoor experience as exciting as the great outdoors by engaging all of its senses.

  • Evaluate Cat Toys Like a Pro

    Learn how the pros select the best, most innovative cat toys.

  • A Feline Veterinarian's Day

    When you bring your cat for an appointment at the veterinarian, have you ever wondered what's actually going on behind the scenes? Here, The Daily Cat chronicles an entire workday in the life of one of the nation's leading feline experts.

  • The Feline Food Pyramid

    While we may rely on the familiar food pyramid for our daily needs, the pyramid isn't just for people. Learn what nutrients and foods kitty needs to lead its healthiest life.

  • It's All Mine! Cat Marking Explained

    Your cat marks everything it likes, from its toys to the walls to you. But what's going through your kitty's head and how can you help channel this habit?

  • Help for House Cats

    Although experts confirm that indoor cats fare better than their counterparts, it's still possible for felines to have excitement and stimulation without leaving home.

  • Brush up on Feline Oral Care

    Dental health doesn't just affect your cat's mouth. Tooth and gum problems can affect your pet's heart function, chances of developing an infection and more.

  • Cat Nutrition Factbook

    Like all good parents, cat owners worry about keeping their felines healthy. Learn what foods your cat requires at every life stage.

  • Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

    Cats sometimes act kooky. From walking along the edge of the tub while you shower to chasing their tails, find out what's going through your furry friend's noggin when it behaves strangely.

  • Protecting Your Home From Fleas

    Battling these little parasites can be a quite a challenge. But a surprising new study has found that the deadliest weapon against fleas isn't in poisons, pesticides or even kitty shampoo -- and it's probably already in your hall closet.

  • Common Cat Health Myths -- Debunked!

    Myths are traditional stories that are accepted as fact, with many century-old tall tales about cat health issues going unchecked. Now, The Daily Cat uncovers the truths and misconceptions about your cat so you are in-the-know about your favorite feline.

  • Flavors Cats Love, Hate and Ignore

    Cats seem to have mastered the look of indifference, particularly when it comes to food. But the upturned nose may have more to do with feline taste buds than pickiness. Here are helpful hints to keep your cat coming back for more.

  • Smart Cat Tricks

    Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But you can teach cats --even old ones -- to come, stay and even close doors. Here, animal trainer Miriam Fields-Babineau shows you how.

  • From Restless Feline to Sweet Dream Machine

    Nightmares can spook us when we wake, just as happy dreams may comfort us long after we arise. Felines may experience the same, as researchers believe cats dream, too. Here are simple ways to improve your cat's chances of experiencing pleasant dreams.

  • Is Feline Diabetes Becoming An Epidemic?

    Is your cat a diabetes candidate? Diabetes among cats is on the rise, to the point where some veterinarians are calling it a new epidemic. What could be causing the increasing number of diagnoses, and is your cat at risk for developing diabetes?

  • Cat Food, Demystified

    What does it mean when veterinarians "recommend" commercial pet food products? Learn about the criteria that the pros use when evaluating cat food, and what this means for you and your favorite feline.

  • Cat Toys: When the Thrill is Gone

    When it comes to felines and their stuff, familiarity can indeed breed contempt. Here, cat behaviorist Marva Marrow offers six to make every play day fresh and fun for you and your furry friend.

  • DNA Findings Will Revolutionize Cat Health

    The domestic cat genome was recently sequenced. Find out what feline mysteries have already been solved through DNA testing, and what you can do to preserve your kitty's genetic coding for the future.

  • Your Cat's Nutritional Balancing Act

    Most commercial pet foods maintain that they are chockfull of essentials for kitty's best health -- but what, exactly, does that mean? Find out the six cat food necessities, and what can go wrong if the formula's off.

  • Purrsonality: Understanding Your Cat's Character

    Every living creature's got it -- that certain something (or somethings) that determine why it is the way it is. Here's how to understand it, plus a simple six-step program to help mold and maximize your cat's uniqueness.



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