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Fun and Entertaining Cat Games

By Angela Neal

Fun and Entertaining Cat Games

Cat games aren't just for playful kittens; they can keep your older cat agile, active and content. Cats of all ages will enjoy the interaction with their owner, and with so many options, there are cat games for any cat.

Free Cat Games
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. This certainly holds true when it comes to providing most cats with a fun toy. Tossing crumpled up tin foil across the floor or “fishing” with a piece of wool tied to a stick are two tried and tested playtime favourites.  Just make sure to never leave these items around when you aren't watching your cat play, as they can pose a choking hazard.

Cat Games for Training
Did you know that you can teach your cat to fetch? Although cats may not be as obedient as dogs, they are certainly just as intelligent. Many pet owners have used clicker training and voice commands to train their cats to fetch objects, move to a specific location such as their bed, or other perform other simple actions.

Cool Cat Games
If you are looking for something a bit more unusual or challenging for your cat, there are some great games designed to test your cat's dexterity and intelligence.  Mazes, puzzle balls and even Solitaire cat games will keep your cat amused for hours.

And if all of those options aren't enough, you can download iPad apps that are designed to engage your feline friend! Just be sure to buy a screen protector to guard against over-zealous “taps”.


Angela Neal is a writer, editor and online consultant based in Scotland. She previously was a contributor to

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